update on our little superman.

Our little Superman

Noah had his appointment with the cardiologist today, and we got some great news…! One of the “holes” (the PDA) in Noah’s heart was all closed up!

The other one (the ASD) was still there.  It is 5mm wide, which they consider to be a moderate sized.

The plan now is to come back in six months and do a follow up echocardiogram which will tell us if the “hole” is getting bigger, staying the same, or closing (which is our preferred option!) :)

If you have been praying for Noah, Thank you so much! I am certain that God is up to something awesome in the life of our son!

I’d like to ask you (again) to please continue to pray for our son. Here are a few specifics:

– That he would grow, develop, and become everything that God has designed him to be.
– That he would continue to eat well and gain weight.
– For his eyes and ears. These are vital to his development, and it is very important for them to “work well.”
– That he the hole in his heart (The ASD) would be completely closed when we go back in six months.
– Finally, and most importantly, that the Noah would come to know and love the Lord, and that his entire life would bring glory, and honor to our God!

Thank you again so much for all of your prayers, comments, encouragement, and everything else. You have no idea how much of a blessing each of you are to our family!


(Here’s an updated drawing of Noah’s heart. I still think it’s cool that his cardiologist draws these for me!) :)
Noahs heatt


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